08 October 2012


My mother would snaffle away my good gear to bundle up for my bro' when he visited. I got wise.I saw where she hid the wonderful multi-colored pullie I'm wearing and simply produced it a few days before my bro was arriving and asked what the deuce it was doing in the 'theft chest'.
'Well, it looked a little small on you the last time you were it, and anyway i can't remember when i bought it. it must have been at least three years ago in London. in fact, i think i originally bought it for Pete'
She owned unrattle-ability when busted.

Moi: OK, i bought it last month at the church Nearly-New. This is the first time I've worn it. It fits perfectly. It was donated by Anthony Stevens and we laughed at the time at its 'flamboyance'. Perfect for me.We need to sort out the thefts from the dementia absent-mindedness.
The price of camp cardies is eternal vigilance.

STAIRCASE BLUES - i was waiting for a fone call and plunking on the 'strat' (lower case coz it aint) and the acoustics were amazing: brittle echo all the way up the staircase.also, ace shadows ...

"Nnggh ... Sittin' here in cool shadows, pretending i got a mean mean rider, asprawl upstairs in bed,
Gotta love that Shads-style shadow, brittle acoustics, staircase curving past my head
Canceled Sun studios, gonna lay them tracks down
Right here in Corfu instead"

Lord have merceh, but i won't tell lanky Jimbo, pretend i was down in Tupelo, nngghh.

MISSION MARIA ~ attended the Kirk, just to say farewell to the Gullands. Knew it would be a good day. Mary warned me, 'the Pottses are here, but Jim is sitting next to her.' Didnt faze me, went right over and snogged her just the same.
I love Maria. She said she woke each dawn and rushed to the puter to read my latest blog scurrility.
As she left, she trilled out for all to hear, "Remember, Chreess, think of me last thing at night."
I preened. Now to think up some blogois worthy of her scrambling to the puter.

Speaking of the blues man, got a lovely one of him - legs astretched, talking to his bassist about getting more oomph into the third bar.


Maria Strani-Potts said...

Good Morning, Sunshine.
Zagori brilliant, only ten people around; all above the age of seventy. Silence, autumnal views, and surprise, surprise lots of work in the garden.
I am doing nothing about it.

Corfucius said...

to the garden immediately! i will summon the muse to help me on some more a-Muse-in writings in the next few days.

Corfu Bluesman said...

Jealous husband: Gonna get my twelve-bore. Been gardening. What's the opposite of Lightnin'? Slow-hand?
Time for the Battle of the Blues? At dawn tomorrow? Igoumenitsa.

Corfucius said...

i think it's slow-spade potts. git the black ref in. jealous? yati;

'Ill met at the Igoumenitsa Corral'? Igoumenitsa Dawn. i love the name. once in hong kong i had a hard-nosed american travel writer to take around as part of my tourism schtick. heavy going and he refused to believe my hack spiel. i'd vacationed chez ma-in-law in san antone and fallen in lurve with the name Nacogdoches which i pernounced fluently. happened to drop it in the convo and he sat up. "that you even *know* of nacogdoches impresses me. ok, where to next? brief me as we drive."