27 October 2012

Επέτειος του «'Οχι»!

  • Oh, hi! ~ stupid anti-climactic Wicked Paed - sounds like a Dimitri Savile tribute band.

    Sent this link to Spitfire Anna as part of her ongoing education into Corfioter-than-Thou-ness credentialia and the Lioness of my Loins chirped back,

    "Daad! Like, 'Oh hi'?"

    I had been telling her of the noble patriotic anniversary I would be celebrating, with 5-star Metaxa and music of the rousingest.

    Now she'll be telling her homettes, "Like yah, the Italians wanted to move in on the Greeks' territo' - totally like the '300' - so the gang leader texted

    'Yo! Ioanni!' and he was like 'Oh, hi! Brandy 'n' Redbull?'

    I'm terrified that Maria will be visiting and beckon her over, "Come here, darling, sit by me. Now, do you know what important day this is? I am sure father has been teaching you how to be a good Greek" and Anna will curtsey prettily and spout the above. Maria's expression (shudder):

    "Close enough. Chreess, I will talk to you mia fora!"

    In my ongoing campaign to boost my Corfu Grapevine 'credentials', I'm 'correcting' my harshest critics by reminding them that what Metaxas actually said was,

    "Dear boy! Come in. Brandy and soda? No?

    Alors, c'est la guerre."

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