09 October 2012


Dame Edna's cultural attaché other half gets right to the hub nub of glorious old Hong Kong.


Anonymous said...

Not the ideal role model as Cultural Attache: too many stereotypes?
But Barry is also a serious artist and poet; at his best he is brilliant. Betjeman loved his work.

Corfucius said...

dont have to tell ME. ive always found 'sir' les one of his most distasteful creations. he doesnt drink and hated to be pressed at parties.

i used to take him and barry fantoni to lunch whever i was a 'do' and they fancied a free posh nosh. both v clever men. the Eye offices were opposite seckers in carlisle st (cul de sac, actually) n i encouraged both to look in and take whatever free bks they liked. Jawn Wells, too. tom accused me of toadying to which i would assure him, 'you bet!' the very serious piers paul read had 'alive' coming out, the amazing saga of the andes cannibals. one of them begged qa copy and i said ok, lemme get a foto of you distinguished gents admiring piers' silken prose.

"wait a minute," said Wells, "I'll just pop out for some chicken legs and we can be gnawing."

Corfu Bluesman, Dorset Newsman said...

The great thing is, he makes me laugh, however "incorrect". Like
Howard Jacobson's latest novel, "Zoo Time". I thin you'd enjoy it.

Corfucius said...

jacobson has been a fave since 'redback'