27 October 2012


Splendid day. Drank as much as I wanted last night and still woke clear-brained and steady.
Walked Sam round the estate and this time remembered to take shears to clip a clear route along the cottage path.
  • Scrambled eggs (à la Gordon not pretty-boy Jamie who doesn't get the stir right)
  • Saucissons and grilled 'matoes
  • Diellas bacon
  • Toast and chunky marmalade
  • Tokas booming from the speakers.
Après, on with welligogs, seize saw, and down to that thicket that's been blocking my view of the gate and waiting gardenry twats hoping to enter and view maman's 'lovely garden - hope you don't mind'.
Working on the railroad ~ this being a serious blues/folk-oriented blog, I always try to stick it to 'Lanky-limb' Potts with summat he won't have cottoned on to.
I'll have him with this one.
Tree felled, I thought I'd pick a little blès.

Nuisance about cutting my head off in the best action shot but at least my wearing wellingtons shows my Corfu 'normalness'.
Let them eat Galaktoboureko: My kind of evening last night, sitting around swilling Pimms and Fleurie as I regaled the assembled company with recitations of the more 'authentic' comments from Grapevine reactions to this Tale of Two Islands soap.
My Sunderland accent a great hit; Lupin's nose quite put out of joint and he stamped out of the room declaring that he had better things to do down at Sally's where 'real' people gather.
Carrie gave me a 'look' as she told him to wrap up warm and not drive too fast.
I waited until I heard the door slam before quipping,

"Look, I have the car keys. He will not be breaking any speed limit in his GT HushPuppies."
How we laughed, and Miranda told me I was positively the wittiest man in the room.
I did not catch Carrie's eye.


Corfu Blues said...

Indeed...Peter Sellers doing Lonnie!

Having headaches with new laptop and windows 8.

Corfucius said...

you took the kool-aid n fell for win-8? poh poh, there is such a good blues there.

Went down to the Crossroads,
Me n Lanky Jim, a blues-picking date
Down to the crossroad, shimmyin' like my sister Kate,
No sign of Big Jim, still wrasslin' with his Window 8

(lawd have merceh, cuss, fumble, reboot)

You know that stuff is funky,
Bug-boo cranky, like me onna first date,
Beta hanky-panky, li'l prank by Mister Gates [whooh, blow that harp],
Long Jim lanky Potts there, whoo-ee.
Got him in such state.

blow, big guy, blow. you get them glitches n crashes in where i tell you.