25 October 2012

"Κερκυραϊκήss my ass!"

~ the reminder I posted on Facebook's Corfu Grapevine ~

TALE OF TWO ISLANDS ~ ITV, 0035hrs tonite.

  • To be safe, put the indefatigable Domonic Willgrave's hard work to use and choose your own access.
  • Please don't forget to tune in to Episode 3 of the documentary that has us all afire. We are the stars.

    The Grapevine comments that rage *afterwards* are gripping by far than what Matt et co caught on camera.

    Nor do we need to know what's gone before: already after only two episodes, it's clear that facts only get in the way.
    • Mewl moan bleat ~ The ill-informed hammering that stalwart Marcus took.
    • The self-referential whinges about ToTI not being the fawning advertorial many of us clearly expected.
    • Matt's thorough research beforehand received many reminders not to overlook the dogs and donkeys (worthy but boring).

      Here we are - only on #2 - and mewl mewl mewl about no mention of the Sanctuary.

    Patience, mes chers!

  • Mirror mirror on the Vine ~ What makes the feedback so riveting - and why please puhleez we should all chip-on-the-shoulder chip in - is the mirror it holds up to us all and how we're learning so much about who else shares our paradise island.
  • Κερκυραϊκή-ss my ass ~ Goodness! The 'Corfioter-than-thou' posturings, the Robespierrian grillings over 'credentials' and Corfu 'history'.

    What my Greek homies refer to as 'Κερκυραϊκή-ss my derrière'.

    Absolutely hilarious.

  • There really should be a pamphlet of edited Comments issued with the DVD boxed set of the final eight episodes.
  • This is just a pleading reminder not to miss it and not to hold back on 'robust' opinions.
  • Let a thousand comments bloom! ~ If Episodes 1 and 2 are anything to go by, a plethora of new threads will sprout without any centralised moderating for a one-stop reference source. Self-immolate: This heads-up is set to self-destruct once its job is done [so you wont have me to kick around 'til the next time].
  • Coming attractions:
    • Bernard and Heather celebrating their 60th wedding anniversary during their annual holiday
    • Well-spoken Tim and Victoria waxing lyrical on their love for Corfu
    • Music Maestro! ~ Great sounds from Rick Driscoll and his hot-babe chanteuses 'live' at Kovtokoli's 'Navigators' (plug plug) and do note Rick's T-shirt promoting his boaterie
    • Bribe for the babe ~ If my groveling and pleading, not to mention the hefty backhander squeezed dahn Matt's bulging 'budgie smuggler' has had any effect, there should be a fleeting camera-pan of the Pulse-of-my-Heart's arty periptero, Kýma ("Murals to the Gentry")
  • I've sent out pushy grovels to the editors for whom I write, assuring them of a 'lively' critique of the documentary, but I have the feeling that the intra-Corfu reaction is where the real story lies. Thanks, and enjoy!
  • Holiday Forum - my daughter in Seattle says they're agog over the show. Sends me this. No doubt old hat to all y'all.


    Simon Rixon said...

    Hi Chris, watching here in blighty, I love your take on the programme!

    Corfucius said...

    thanks, Simon. trying to fire the crew up for some good commentarial verbal fisticuffs.