13 September 2006


With Sandra and the crowd to the cemetery to mark a whole year since speedo Dave "Dodo" Bagnall decided cornering was sissy and took up biker hang-gliding off that bend down to Nissaki.

Solemn occasion with flowers and sniffles and hugs and oaths at daft buggers and an all-seeing Deity that can't even pluck a solitary lunatic out of the air and place him gently back on terra firma, no questions asked.

"I mean, no one else was aboot and the Dode wouldna known to tell, him being so pissed 'n' all."

As we walk back, we pass two women standing over a recent gravestone. The tall one spat something and turned to go. Miriam stifled a giggle and I asked her what the lady had said.

"She use slang, say 'Acting his age at last' ".

I sneak back to peek - the dude was 75. Clearly a bit of a lad.

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