14 September 2006

my life

Life in the Day of

You can spend a lifetime carefully posing lens or pushing pen to tell loved ones how life is.

Then some offhand shots catch it in one.
sam 1

I'd been grubbing and groaning on the land and treated m'self to beer and nuts and a chaser side-shot of the hard stuff, plus a jingle on nylon-strung, and up came Sam to listen.

I have *no* command over animals, but Sam seems to think I'm The Man.

sam 2

When I told him, either move out of frame or make like you're some obedient killer hound, he went for the vanity shot.

He's not allowed in the house; he doesn't go outside the gates.

When I trim the border shrubbery, he sits there and then gets bored and retires out of sight to some shady grove just by the gateposts.

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