08 September 2006

francoise hardy

Kiss Me, Hardy

Another nostalgic LP cover, this of the divine Francoise Hardy as she was back in the mists of time when she hit the parade with "Tous les garcons".

I'd spent a school holiday in France where I heard her and came back to school to find that no one in the UK had the faintest idea who she was.

Photo of girlfriend: Essential for any redblooded bloke was a photo of his bird, casually displayed in his horse box. Weedy moi had none, so I took a foto of the LP cover art and had them printed as if I had snapped some chick francaise during my Parisian sojourn.

No one batted an eyelid and, since I was known as a guitarist weed, fully understood how I might have acquired a strumming pal.

Shameful times.

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