13 September 2006

good tip ref ammonia from A


Anyone know a good way of keeping rats away by *smell*?

Poison is not good because they die on the lawn and the dawg gnaws it and then *he* dies.

We don't do cats no more: they're the surefire anti-rodent stuff but they get loony and tear the place apart, or they get killed by the dawgs.

Mama is full of old wives' remedies: tar, mint oil, carbolic acid (what?) but so far no silver bullet and I'm not allowed to tote the Webley at meals which is when I see them scurrying over the trellis.

Cake of olive oil soap for the solution.


Ashley said...

This only works in a small area but it does work well.

Take a can with a lid (or bottle with a tight neck). Punch a hole in the lid, insert a wicking cloth (like a torn towel or old wash cloth. Fill the can with ammonia and put the lid on. The "wick" make ammonia last longer and be safer.

The ammonia is a fair facsimile for concentrated cat urine which the rats take to mean there is a serious cat presence which they will avoid.

I used this to good effect under my car to keep the rats from nibbling on soft engine components.

Anonymous said...


Good Luck.

Busker said...

See why this blog rules?
On t'surface, it's yer Clark Kent dithery wimpo twitterings, but when the call goes out for no-nonsense info', the experts are there.

Busker said...

LOL. I printed and pinned it to the noticeboard and everyone loves the phrase.
Lulu scribbling it down: "I *know* I don't have rats - I just want a 'serious cat presence' ".
And they all tell me I *must* now buy that cake of olive oil soap and despatch it to Ashers.