07 September 2006

To Di For

I'm an inveterate gossip trollop, specially where the Royals are concerned.

I still smile at the way The Spitfire would die of shame in the Safeway checkout line as I plucked the latest tabloid rubbish from the rack with a loud, "Let's see the latest on my Royal Family."

Jeeves by Royal Appointment, Paul Burrell, continues to milk his service with the fragrant princesse: publishers William Morrow will be bringing out PB's second book, The Way We Were (ghastly title) on September 12 "as part of a coordinated publication around the world."

The copywriters have gone to town, billing it as "a final gesture to ensure that Diana's spirit, warmth and character is neither lost nor obscured, but revealed exactly as he knew her to be," promising to "end years of speculation and misinformation" about her relationship with Dodi Fayed.

According to the NYDN, Burrell says Diana told him her Bulgari band from Fayed was not an engagement ring and said, "Wedding bells - I need a new marriage like I need a rash."

All good stuff and I trust the Greek media will report fully.

By the by, I've had it on *very* good inside info' that the Prince Harry is NOT the illegit son of cad Hewitt. Hmm. I still have my suspicions.

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