20 September 2006

Almazon Mater

Wherever I go, people urge me to regale them with tales of derring-do from my frontier fromgrep days with e-dominant Amazon.com.

They's basic folk out here. They sing, they dance. How their eyes widen at the very mention of QA on "tone issues".

At the same time, I like to keep them up to date on Jeffrey Preston's inexorable tread towards benevolent galactic despotism.

Hence a quickie on the various 3rd-party "fulfillment" boosters being wheeled out offering - to quote the jargon - "access to Amazon's order fulfillment, customer service, customer shipping offers, and underlying website technology to improve the experience they offer their customers."

A share in the world-beating Amazon customer service, egad.

Competitors may as well close shop here 'n' now and go back to selling matches on the street.

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