14 September 2006


More Vinyl

Further digging under the rafters and more goodies.

I almost overlooked this Brubeck album with its cutesy cover pic. I wonder what Dave and the boys thought of this one ... was there really a time when jazz was sold via fresh-faced cheerleaders?
45sAhh - some of the 45s from my earliest days in Greece.

Look at how well preserved they are. And the gorgeous artwork they used on the covers.

I've had them on the Bang & Olufson and they sound great, even got me dipping and oopah!-ing. Creak, gasp.

go bouzouki"Go Bouzouki Go", indeed!

Who thinks these titles up?
yepesNarciso Yepes, off whom I learnt the exquisite "Romance", or "Jeux Interdits" as it's known to those who met it as the theme tune from the French flick.

Maybe not so exquisite now that it's a "hold" jangle down a million phones.

Please admire Mr Yepes' 10-string guitar. I used to stare at it for hours on end when I first bought the EP. Posted by Picasa

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