10 March 2007

Day-light shifting

It's no use all the Brit community and wannabe Kerkiraki getting bad tempered with me and telling I'm jumping the gun with daylight savings.

I'm not like you provincials, I'm a man of the world: I think Seattle as fluently as I think Agios Spiridon; I fit into Benitses polite society with the same aplomb as I'm lionised on fair Bainbridge Isle.

Drop my name in Kowloon and the chic salons of Canterbury will fling open their doors and lackeys bow low.

So don't sneer when I talk about adjusting my clock for this Sunday. I have two angels in the colonies with whom I like to keep in touch and I need my Americas clock to be accurate so as to sound clued-up and 'interested'.

When it comes time for Anglo Saxonia to 'spring forward', I'm sure I'll hear all about it, including advance genial reminder from the pulpit.

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