24 March 2007


Yes yes, I know. No man is an island and all that ... but ....

I have been snapped up by a flashy new mag (debut date June-ish) to run my very own scurrilous column, whatever I want.

I've warned them, I hunt with some dodgy types and am bound to offend.

"Go for it," said the boss man. "Your reputation precedes you. You've already offended enough types on the island.

We thought you might fancy doing it for actual dosh."

Link here, my darlings, and prepare your delicate selves for a rocky ride.


Jon said...


E-mail me soon. JP (of the Southern California variety!)

rwellsrwells said...

how on earth are you going to manag a red hot poker on that lovely web site? and how long will you last if you do?

Busker said...

I'm now worried. I'm meant to be composing my first article but Wells sahib's reference to a red hot poker reminds me of Luci's infernal catheter and now *I* can't breathe.
I need to get back to the editors and ask how long i'll last if i - er - act in character.

Ashley said...

’Bout time.

Busker said...

Phew! Ashley has spoken and now i feel confident to act myself and giving full and literate offence.