07 March 2007

Hung out to dry

You can take your Chevy to Lord Levy on this one - he's "hung out to dry", according to his splendidly-named rabbi, Yitzchack Schochet.

You don't have to know or care about Britain's peerages-for-pounds "scandal" to appreciate the coarser points of this saga: one of Blair's smartest toughest henchmen has been chosen for the honour of taking the fall for his boss.

Moping about trial by media is a laff because no one has worked the press better than Lord 'Cashpoint'. Now it's payback time, and Fleet Street has its knives out.

Oh and I was waiting for Levy's mob to produce the Jew card when the time was right. Groan, such a tired cliché to talk of "an element of anti-Semitism". An 'element'? Enough already: Anyone who knows how the UK press tweaks national prejudices knows that they either go for the full rabbinical monty or they look for some other button to push.

On the other hand, anything that inspires an evocative phrase like "one Jew being hung out to dry" is too good not to print.

So, we've got
Fayed and the royal assassination caper and now Levy's trial out of camera.

Looks like being a hot summer in every sense.

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