21 March 2007


No, you don't understand ... that is my space ... er ... "dude".

The cheek of it: I finally decide to sign up with youthful MySpace, punch in all sorts of respectable fibs and tasteful fotos etc such as will not embarass the Spitfire (who also has an e-piole buried within) ... go to choose the obvious name, and someone else has had the effrontery to have nabbed BUSKER .

Plus he's blacker and more beautiful than me which make the lèse majesté even harder to stomach.


Anonymous said...

So, did you get a page on MySpace?
Speaking of 'buskers' - www.sawlady.com/blog is a blog of a busker in NYC...:)

Busker said...

Yes I did, thanks, but I aint telling yet, 'til i've laid down some content.

It seems to be here, but please don't judge til ive had a chance to work out what the heck i want to do with it. My links and URLs and blogs are getting like WC Fields' banks accounts, all over the place and many forgotten.

I register somewhere and i'm told "busker" is taken so i fly into a rage, then i try with with a likely PW and I've been gazumped by ... ME

Ashley said...

At this point you’re lucky if you can even get your own name over there: /ashleypond.