15 March 2007

Ides Caveat


Doesn't quite have the ring of 9/11, does it?

No, *not* the acronym, "Intimidate, Demoralize, Emasculate, Subjugate", you 'orrible geeky lot, you ... Nor that SAP shower's "Internet Demonstration and Evaluation System" flim-flam.

I'm talking:

  • Middle of month in the Roman calendar
  • Best known to you lot for the Ides of *March*, the day in 44 BC when Julius Caesar bought it.
  • "Et tu, Brute", or "You stabbed me, you bastard ... *and* you've nicked my aftershave."
  • Comes from the Latin, 'Ides' (I pernounce it 'Ee-daze' but the jury's still out on how they actually did say many of their verbals), meaning "half division" (of a month).
  • Being 10 hours ahead, I thought I'd send this heads-up thru so y'all can show orf.
  • Tried asking them ignorami at Greek class but not a single one knew.

    So, as the kids scramble round the breakfast table, don your "learned" expression and shake yon shaggy sage's mane and pronounce,

    "Now, children, we all know what day it is today, don't we?"

    To which the reply will no doubt be "Omigahd! Yesss! April Lavigne's new album is out - Dad, you are so awesome, thanks sooooo much ... OMG OMG ... her video of "Girlfriend" was like so whatevaH ... yahh."

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