23 March 2007

Wyche Crafte

I am being very childish and smug about a fat queen rich bitch getting her come-uppance - or go-downance, since she ended in the gutter.

But first some background.

Back in the mists of time when, 34 years ago, my parents hacked their way through the undergrowth to stand on the hillock that came to house Hacienda Busker, it was just jungle.

But my dad pronounced it good and they bought their 4o acres and chased the mules off and built. Of course, for the workers to actually reach the hillock, a road had to be carved and electricity brought, all of which my folks paid for.

For some years, the road led only to the house and any car lights were coming to us.

Then the white man arrived with his iron horse and they drove up the road and extended it, tapping our 'lectrics to build their own teepees. Then more arrived with their big SUVs and bully boy driving until they had to erect signage.

Then *we* were the po' folks and they were the chosen riffraff.

Witch: In 1975 I was out on hol and developed a sordid wart on my thumb that was NOT good for being bonked. Nothing worked on it til Soula suggested she fix me up with the local witch. I scoffed but she said no, really, Asposia is the real thing.

Endaxi. I waited for Soula's sign and one full moon the ides were right and down i went to meet this crone, except she was a handsome lass of late 20s. I repeated after her in my halting Greek and went home and next day - gone. My sex life saved.

The Asp and I stayed pals and every summer we'd have her up and she'd admire mum's garden and I'd practice my Greek, One year her mum went ill and I drove them everywhere because I wanted to. Friendship forged.

Cut to 2006/7 and rich bitch in her fancy BMW driving as if hubby owned half Gouvia, which he does come to think of it. Many times I'd met her coming the other way on my side of the road and "exchanged words".
I told her: see those signs? Theyre for the likes of you.

Nai nai. Piss orf, foreigner.

So I'm driving Asp' last week and we meet RB driving like crazy and we both have to stop for her to reverse and let us both pass. I tell Asp this is typical and she leans out and says something very polite to RB who responds with something that has A go very pinch-faced.

As we drive on, I apologise to A but she silences me with a hand on mine and a "look".

"It's done," she says simply, which I take to mean that I've blown it, shown my true wimp colors by not yelling louder.

Thursday night I'm driving home very carefully after gazing on the wine while it was red and I round the corner and there's Madame gazing on her fancy wheels in the ditch, scrunched cosily agin the very sign warning her about what she'd just done.

Dang where was my camera??

I stopped and got out and gloated and she asked if I could collect her husband to come down and I said oki no way. Gloated a bit more and offered her my torch to see the full extent of the damage. Ouch - car was well in the ditch and there wasnt much of Bavaria left of the Motor Werks frontage.

I drove on with a cheery kali nikta.

I'm not saying that Asposia had a wand in it but the timing was excellent and when I told her she gave a very Greek nod as if to hint that, over moussaka with hubby that night, the Rich Bitch prolly dined in silent sulky hell.

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