13 March 2007

track-side chapel en route to Perithea
No Way, you little She-Devil

(And that's the down-side)

I *hate* eating seditious dust and only attracting corfucian hits thanks to my keen eye for cadging the best of the Nitekrü Meister's output.

But Mr Deity surpasses excellence, so I'm prepared - just this once - to make an exception.

There are moments - Mr Deity's furtive shake of head to camera at Lucie's mention of adulterers - that remind me of the brilliant TV series, The Office. (The BRITISH version)

Accept no substitute: Like all works nudging genius, imit- and comment- ators have come oozing out of the woodwork with their own follow-ups. Stick with the original for now.


rwellsrwells said...

MrD is the best! Good find.

One of the big questions over here is "will TV survive YouTube?" if youtube keeps posting this kind of stuff, TV is dead.

Busker said...

Thanks, but not *my* find (he hastens to add). It's all the fault of the Seditious One whose "cperl-mode.el v1.3" I am not fit to grab from "gnu.emacs.source".
But yeah, it is good isnt it? Their deadpan expressions are spot on and what's the betting that when the God chap gets up to the PERLY Gates, St Pete will give him a wink and a ,
"Psst, quick - do the one from the prayer skit before the Big Guy Hisself turns up. Hilarious - not that you'll be appreciatin' it from the business end of Lucie's catheter, LOL"
The TV rabble must be eyeing each other with veRRY skeered looks.

Ashley said...

"cperl-mode.el v1.3" I am not fit to grab from "gnu.emacs.source"

Nice! You've been brushing up on your hackersprak.