04 March 2007


If Jeff Foxworthy had cornered *me* with this poser, and given me one person (not The Spitfire) to call, or spend the rest of my life gardening for a wrong answer - I'd choose The Seditious One because he's funky that way and knows this arcane weird stuff.

But I wouldna had to because the Greek for table is trapeza so I'd've guessed four.

What I would *not* have known to go on to say is all the wiki minutiae about it being "Trapezoid in North America but trapezium in Britain and elsewhere."

Of course, we know how this'll pan out: none of the audience at home will know the answers, but we'll be appalled at the low standard of knowledge of the 5th graders ("And these are tomorrow's leaders?"). Then they'll wheel on the adults who'll be abysmally worse at which point the couch potatoes at home will head for the drinks cabinet and pour a large one.

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