28 May 2009


About time I ran a piece on this excellent - and FREE - mag.

And, since I am a fan of pretty women, shove in a snap of mellifluous μέλι of an editor, Mellissa Rispin. [See Comment where I get my ass handed to me]

There she is interviewing the huggy-bear loveable David Bellamy.

Occasion: the Durrell School's visit to a Garden of the Gods as part of its eponymous seminar.

Clever Mellissa had the idea of catching talented young moth expert, Calum Lyle, *and* his mentor at the same time.

I'm not sure what I want to say about this chirpy free monthly mag (free, geddit? Not just fun to read but gratis)

  • Nor am I'm sure what Ms Truss would have to say about that Grocer's apo' as in its self styling of having
    "... quickly become known for it's [sic] unbiased views and opinion of life in Corfu.

    It covers an array of health, beauty and cultural topics each month and has a unique ability to draw interviews with some of the world's most famous people."

  • In both languages ~ Greek version courtesy of Sarah Pandoni
  • Not stocked widely enough around Kerkyra
  • Good production values
  • Past interviews have included no less than the superb Julie Walters, CBE, OBE
  • I see an Adam Hart-Davis somewhere in the honour roll. Can't be that many Hart-Davithes - wonder if he's related to Duff Hart-Davis with whom I liaised in my bookish days? Seem to recall he was Telegraph cove - Sunday Torygraph. Nice chap, helped me out with a spot of trouble over 'Baba' Metcalfe and a renegade Michel Joseph auteur.

    Even the ads seem of interest (and I never thought I'd hear gullible stuff like that spewing from *my* tapping digits)

  • Issue 10 that I'm looking at includes coverage of Lloyd Godson's 'Life Amphibious' adventure to peddle some ridiculous distance underwater in his customized human-powered submarine.
  • In April 2007, Lloyd completed the BioSUB Project.

    Nisέa seems to be the first (the only?) local mag to get onto this great story and the tenacious Mellissa promises more coverage as the scheme gets underway.

    Loipon, track down or pester for the mag because you won't be seeing any more coverage on Lloyd in this rag. By the blue pencil of Boeorobistas! Have you seen the determined cut of Ms Rispin's jib, the huntress look in her eye?

    No way am I going to go scoop to scoop with that demoiselle.

    A propos of nowt, click on the fatuous comment about 'too many babes'. I'm so thick these days: I still don't understand it.

    How does that dick Dickie know that Nisέa is "babe"-heavy anyway?

    Mellissa, are you?


    Dickie said...


    there are just too many babes on the staff of this excellent mag to think your motives are to promulgate superior journalism...

    perhaps I'm wrong.

    Busker said...

    I have no idea what you're talking about.
    Mellissa, do *you* know what he's talking about? One of yours?
    Sinbad, tell me what "Dickie" is talking about.
    Doh! Don't say it's 'Dickie' Wells winding me up?

    Dickie said...

    Click here Nisea Team and scroll.

    Dickie: exiled royalty of Polish extraction, like rara avis, can be occasionally spotted dancing the Mazurka at the Polski Dom in Seattle.

    Busker said...

    OK, I'm outgunned here and i hadn't seen the Nisea Team and there are some lookers there so ... I guess I come down from my pompous horse and dance an apologetic mazurka.
    God that sticks in my craw.