22 May 2009

Obama, Cheney:

Competing views on national security

What do you mean, 'competing views'?

Cheney is out and disgraced and he should be keeping his face well down, like his buddy's face he managed to pepper with buckshot on that turkey hunt.

The fuck is going on? Does Cheney think he's still in some sort of job?

Still carries some weight?

God, this sort of thing makes me sick - and my family live there, so don't tell me to keep my Redcoat nose out of stuff that ain't my business.

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    Bill said...

    Cheney believe in pre-emption. He's shit scared they're going to find out what he really did and charge him.
    I sure hope they do.

    More long-winded version on the 'b-log.

    Sibadd said...

    Refutation of Cheney's claim by an interrogator who ought to know:

    Busker said...

    Good ones, guys. Keeping me honest.