30 May 2009


Red alert from Wells-san - May Day May Day ~ Blog down, Bundled Boo His(s)

Quoth he:

"For some reason you are all in my website list, so, this is just to let those few of you who visit my blog know that the original Bundle of His(s) website and Resident Djinn blog has crashed, and I can now be found at a volume II"

Bundle of His(s) can also be found stolidly occupying the #5 slot in the Corfucian charts where I know it is clicked on by the more bemused of my readers.

1 comment :

Richard said...

Dickie told me to check the site for a reference to the Bundle...

Thanks. And perhaps one of the few would drop a comment now and again, just so I'll know I'm not alone. As you know, cyber-space can be a lonely place.