22 May 2009

What right does the public have to interfere?"

Right on, Antoine!

What do the Little People know of the burdens of being a Tory Grandee with a multi-million-pound home in Devon to maintain?

Fuck 'em, right?

What right do we worker ants have to query your taking £87,000 of *our* taxpayers' money?

Look at that lubricious haughty face over there.

Doesn't it just ram home the reminder that Us Lot can't handle the truth (see the marvelous comments posted, including Dickie Wells' tumbril ditty).

Of course, I blame the government for bringing in that ridiculous "Freedom of Information Act".

That's what did it, along with all those meddlesome disclosures.

“What right does the public have to interfere with my private life? None.”

  • On BBC Radio 4, The World at One: "As far as I am concerned ... I don't know what the fuss is about."

    Fair nuff, all just a storm in a moat. But tell me, do you hear that distant tumbril roll?

  • Steen Preen: "How do you not know who I am?!" Splutter rant.

    Dept of Cool Comment: Badass Ley delivers the goods on the heroic Heather Brooke, 'one of the 'few good men' who helped surface this disgusting mess.'

  • And check out his link for the panoramic view of Ano K.

    I play it to everyone and they go ooh and ahh!


    Sibadd said...

    In case you need a restorative after looking on that 'lubricious' face, Heather Brooke is one of the 'few good men' who helped surface this disgusting mess
    ...and your were right to keep taking The Telegraph.


    Richard Wells said...

    to the tune of I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry:

    Hear that distant tumbril roll
    the knitting needles fly
    the ruling class is whining low
    they're so guilty they could cry...

    take it, Busker!

    Busker said...

    You da man, Ricardo

    Sibadd said...

    I so like that Corfu style railing painted horta green

    Busker said...

    Snoopy lady going thru my blog, reads the Wellsian cleverness and sings:

    "If I were a carpenter,
    Little People humble,
    Would you rip me off anyway,
    Would you ride my tumbril?"

    Richard Wells said...

    Save my face with haughtiness
    Save my job tomorrow
    I give you my Lordliness
    Not a jot of sorrow


    Busker said...

    Excruciating. I mean funny. I *have* to show her this, at which point she will remove her gloves and reach for the Thesaurus.
    That is vintage Dick - she will have to put some serious study in to match the standard.

    (I was heading for a phrase like 'serious study to rise to Dick' but it didn't feel right. I sensed a pun lurking in the undergrowth)

    Richard Wells said...

    Actually, your original post is rife with songs waiting to be sung. If you took your first para, and changed "people" to "peeps" you could sing it to "What do the Simple Folk Do?" from Camelot. Kinda-sorta like this:

    What do the simple peeps know
    Of be-ing a Tory Grandee
    With a multi-million pound home
    In Devon to maintain
    Oh, what do the simple peeps know?


    Dickie and I don't mean Burton

    Busker said...

    I love this, we are past malcolm's tipping point. we have traction, this one has legs.

    my next album: music by holmes, lyrics by ... everyone

    Busker said...

    "She" is in Ithaka right now, sans siren internet (so she says).
    she will get back and log on, typing talons ready to waste Holmes and will see the thread.
    bringg bringg, customized tone 'the bitch is back'. "You bastard - who the fuck is Wells?"
    "ah there you have me, darlin'. Pimpernel Wells? no one knows, but there's a woman out there, swears she'll get him in the end."