07 May 2009

Potting Poachers

I would definitely be in trouble over culling crims.

If I caught a burglar breaking into my place, I'd pot him one without batting an eye, certainly before he shot or knifed me.

Or I'd encourage him towards the stake pit or the snake pit, or the bear trap or the abrasive embrace of the quicksand - perfect, engaging him in genial conversation over a whiskey and soda as he sank to armpits and past.

So, this unfortunate OE copping a manslaughter rap resonates most definitely.

I mean, chummie burgular (as we kids used to call them), is even described as a poacher.

Bang bank, Sambo, hands orf my livestock. By jove, I'll give you 'sprawl'.

Take that! (Which, it seems, he deservedly did).

  • Another viewpoint: thin-lipped cad.
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