15 July 2012


I can't make head nor tail of this silly phrase about "breakdown in the interaction between human beings”. It's nowhere hear the class of 'economical with the truth' and what's with the pretentious verité bit?

  • Interesting about retard/moron.

  • I fear my younger daughter may have imported gay/lame to Corfu on her last visit.

  • Spaz: at my first school, everyone was a spas, everything was spastic. I was quite shocked to be hauled up on it many years later.

    Simon Baddeley said...

    It's not the actual words it's also the case. I kill you. No. My gun went off and the bullet went into your heart. This name of the game is the intransitive plus circumlocution plus metonymy. 'It's been decided the company will have to let you go' 'When I found myself as commandant at the camp many inmates died' It's the verbal equivalent of killing and maiming people with drones. 'The predicted level of collateral damage was determined acceptable under rules of engagement.'

    Corfucius said...

    golly youre good. ive put yr name forward to the olympic comm. let me go into face book and get my posting there. so many good posts go to FB n not here

    Corfucius said...


    but minus witty biting comment i placed on face book