21 July 2012

'Harwood Tomlinson cleared' disgrace

Stupid bloody jury. They should be shoved on security detail for the Olympics and left to take the consequences.

Mewl mewl mewl ... 'four days to clear Harwood of manslaughter ... not told that [he] had been investigated a number of other times for alleged violence and misconduct.'

Oh FFS! You only have to look at his filth of a Filth's face.

Spaz, cretins, mongs, morons, dullards ... all the rest of it.

FILTH FARCE ~ 'joke' jury clears Harwood.

  • Thug in uniform ~ actually, make that thugs plural. Never fair to pick on the partner, I know: stood beside them and all that - first sign of a coward when you've got to hit out at a spouse - but Mrs H looks beefy enough to splat a good man to the pavement and her old man deserves as much break as he gave Tomlinson.

  • One person per week: average deaths while guest of the Filth

  • Punched, throttled, kneed, unlawful arrests ~ disclosing litany of complaints would have breached privacy ... disciplinary history irrelevant to Tomlinson death.

  • Filth farce name-clear fight

  • Why we should trust trial by jury ~ even when it seems wrong.

    Now and then on a misguided whim, I think I've spotted something I can phrase in such a way as to appear fair-minded and even-handed over some right vermin that's caught my eye.

    What in my vanity I think I'm doing is sticking it to them to show them in even truer colours.

    Never comes orf, especially if it's to do with the Filth. There's not many ways one can re-'phrase' those bastards, so all I'll do here is quote the 'strict rules' nonsense and point you to the Criminal Justice Act 2003.

    "Strict rules govern what is admissible, and in relation to evidence of a defendant's 'bad character', those rules are contained in the wide-ranging http://www.legislation.gov.uk/ukpga/2003/44/contents Criminal Justice Act 2003. As a society, we trust the twelve men and women of a jury to represent us."

    ~ caption Bully and Beef.

  • Just cutting and pasting this nonsense and thinking on that Jackass Jury makes my stomach churn.

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