09 July 2012


katie and suriPray God the litigious Cruise divorce ahead has legs to tilt the tipping point to bring the world's press together to hammer this vile cult.

  • BIGGEST NIGHTMARE ~ That's what I like to read. Cult on the run * Sci-To Dirty Tricks brigade ramping up * Beans spilling from ex-SciTos * Juicy juicy drama * Chance for 4th Estate to redeem itself * Major cult-voodoo-brainwash-espionage movie fodder ~ I trust the respective agents are right on the ball with Cruisegate and securing the top roles for the key players.

  • No feisty floosies - More than a touch of loose-cannon Princess Di here: when Cruise was instructed to go forth and multiply and FFS don't bring back any chickadee with lip because them types spell trouble, I bet he didn't think little Miss Holmes from the kiddies shelf would bite back. She actually looks as if there's a steel core running down that delightful spine.

  • Fortitudinous Forte ~ Nor should any Corfiot forget the part played by our very own National Treasure, John Forte.

    Commodore or Colonel? ~ Even today, I run across people on the island, unaware of the story, unaware of the name of Forte. A disgrace.

    Expozay! We need more squealers from the inner sanctum and we need the likes of John Forte to give it ink ... maybe Cruisegate will be the rolling thoonder these horrific specimens need.

    Go forth and multiply the broadcasts.


  • Chief Maggot wife not seen since 2007. That's what I call a tight ship.

  • MOVING FAST - Emergency custody and child support. Holmes has some moves on her. Pretty boy may be cruisin' for a bruisin'.

    Former member spoutings - it's what made John Forte's updated version so riveting and essential reading ~ the inclusion of the escaped Sci-Tol's evidence and inside info'.

    With luck and courage among the SciTo prisoners, Cruisegate will burst the dam and a tsunami of damning info crash forth, possibly with something to strike the Achilles Heel.


  • Lemming in a scary world.

  • OUT goes 'cult', in comes “new religious movement”. Bah! Humbug nonsense. Rose by any other.

  • ESCAPE STORIES - yippee! Here they come, the 'I jumped Sea Org' stories, and the 4th Estate is hungry for them. Out of the cupboard these skeleton scarers will tumble and with each one
    another nugget of info' in the wall.

    The Mutha Hubbard PR machine must be in overdrive trying to stem the straining tsunami.

    What I'm looking forward to is some of the top names who'll creep out of the woodwork.

  • What have you done to Tom?

  • The great Taki and schadenfreude - i was waiting for him to wade in to cruisegate.
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