02 July 2012


Just heard from my bro that he's probably likely aiming to arrive in corfu all things being equal this friday (july 6, as ever is).

lots of people have asked to be kept up to speed on his corfu calendar so i'd better get emailing his imminent arrival:

  • winers and diners

  • 'filch' followers monitoring progress on finding ~ and even possibly returning ~ my girls' stolen heirlooms

  • gardenry types hoping to come up and see what's left of the once-dapper jardin.

  • curious acquaintances - but not keen enough to spend time and effort dining

  • tradespersons - mostly arty crafty folk with whom my bro has spent large sums in the past

  • bankers n lawyers - a ton of paperwork built up since maman's death (and i've let it).

    all super excuse to play some decent blues as i fiddle the books and muddy the waters ...

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    Anonymous said...

    Someone you saw recently says you are brilliant!