31 July 2012


Clever review by the clever john sutherland.

Too many clever phrases and witticisms to repeat here.

Just read it and savour.

  • “It is worth being shot at to see how much one is loved.”

  • a “little, mean-looking man” striking a ridiculously “theatrical” pose as he took aim.

  • In other countries assassinations were carried out by men of high intelligence, while in Britain, it was “men of weak and morbid minds.”

    Idiots, in a word. Every village had one. No rational Englishman would want to kill his queen.

  • “This strange mania of queen-shooting.”

  • So manifestly stupid was he that even the murderous fringe of Fenianism disowned him.
  • The Baddeley commentary link about being 'so sad - in beloved Greece.'
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    Simon Baddeley said...

    Thanks for this. I recall after 7/7 there was a get together in Trafalgar Square to show 'we' were together in not letting the horror divide us. I found myself next to a Muslim family. We shook, no clasped, hands. The father wanted to apologise. "Don't be so ridiculous, my friend" He almost clenched my had again "Do you think I want to be British without you?" I said "Impossible". But isn't this so sad - in beloved Greece http://insidegreece.wordpress.com/2012/08/02/charity-begins-at-home/