05 October 2012


~ A Tale of Two Islands ~

  • Episode: 1 of 8

  • When: Thursday, 11 October 2012

  • UK Time: 10:35PM - 11:05PM

    I can't believe I haven't burbled about this before ...

    'A Tale Of Two Islands’ [no one understands the title, we all disagree] follows expats and holidaymakers from all walks of life; rich and poor, young and old, English and Greek, in a country that relies on tourism to survive, but is in the throes of economic meltdown.

    Corfu is a microcosm of Britain on a Mediterranean island.

    The programme tells the story of an island caught on the cusp of two cultures, whilst trying to cope with economic uncertainty.

    From my hovering around Facebook/Corfu Grapevine, I picked up this report from a subscriber:

    "A taster for the first episode of Corfu:A Tale Of Two Islands.(Looks like it will be quite interesting instead of the normal Kavos stuff!!)

    A fascinating new eight-part documentary series which takes a look at this popular getaway through the eyes of the people who holiday there, and the many who make their living through tourism on the island. [Now i read it, seems like just blurb lifted from a hand-out]

    Corfu can accommodate a broad cross-section of people as a holiday destination attracting everyone from the super rich to the budget holidaymakers who both share the island in the peak season.

    In the first programme, we are introduced to Sally who came to work in Corfu as a holiday rep, and now plans weddings for visitors.

    We also meet a real-life Shirley Valentine. Mary travelled to Corfu in the 1980s and is now celebrating 25 years of marriage with her Greek husband."

    The crew were here for some time in July and very nice and friendly they were, too.

    They filmed all over the island, including Kovtokoli's Navigators bar and of course me. I wasn't too shame-makingly drunk but nor was I reticent and they found my accent dinosaur-posh Queen's regulation received English ... and understandable.

    Not the best hour to watch it at many of the bars and hotels who are showing it (specially the bits they are in), but i am plugging my laptop into my mega-inch screen and watching and guffawing from home over some good bottles of wine.


    Anonymous said...

    Probably a stupid question but how can you watch ITV in Greece?

    Corfucius said...

    many many online sites. for ITV i use filmon.com

    Anonymous said...


    Corfucius said...

    the pace picks up. a few identikit press release recycled blurbs




    Domonic Willgrave said...

    You don't need ITV just follow my link http://www.youtube.com/channel/UC2YjZhKs85XQ5njzmpsLS3Q?feature=guide

    Domonic Willgrave said...

    You don't need ITV just follow my link http://www.youtube.com/channel/UC2YjZhKs85XQ5njzmpsLS3Q?feature=guide

    Corfucius said...

    et voilà, my worldwide readers. (I usually try to keep the 2 separated but i'm dealing with the Sleuth of Sleuths.)

    so, all my Texan hong kong seattlois clapham harrogate prague luvvies, here's the skinny on ITV's tale of 2,000 comments.

    Simon Baddeley said...
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    Corfucius said...

    ooh youre so funny ... but i lahk you.

    to date, corfu grapevine has been a-thoonder with Midian grunts about the north/south divide, and robespierrian demands for proof of Corfu cred and 'history'. Eeh, some of the Sidari harridans talk of burning me in Effigy, so thats one village i'm steering clear of (not my joke, can't claim).

    But do watch this pempti's because i am *told* my favourite people had succumbed and their fluting vowels make me sound right gor' blimey.

    I do not acquit myself well for the 15 seconds' glory, telling Diane that she's too young to remember 'Kenny'. I was waiting for the camera to point at me and Caroline to be within snatch, but she would NOT put out, thus leaving me very.