16 November 2013


Huge response to this article from Keep Talking Greece when I posted it on Corfu Grapevine.

"Municipality workers have reportedly crushed a dog with the automatic garbage mechanism in an unprecedented act of cruelty in Patras.
Citing eye witnesses and a local animal welfare society, Greek websites report that this barbaric act took place on Thursday in Katritsi area of Patras in northern-west Peloponnese.
Municipality workers threw the dog together with trash into the garbage truck"
"Beyond words or feelings ... I wish I hadn't read it now"
"Brought tears to my eyes ..."

"I would ask everyone to please forward this to their respective Embassy/Foreign Consulates as it is only through the intervention of foreign attention that these pieces of sh*te will ever be punished.  Horrific.... 

Or if anyone knows anyone in the British press, etc. this would make a great story ... and they would react to save any damage to tourism."

Greece Exposed - reportage including photo of dog buried in garbage. Pretty horrific site, this.

See also Inagist

Probs with petition ~ reports of people not being able to sign in, others resorting to share via their own country, ie UK. Just persevere, I'm afraid. 

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