18 November 2013


Ignore the idiot review in Spectator Nov 9 by Deborah Ross of Seduced and Abandoned.

Τάκης Θεοδωρακόπουλος
I don't know what is going on there but she is a complete waste of 'Cinema' review space. 

I write on behalf of the Ionian Irregulars challenging the editor to produce evidence of one single letter praising Ross. They do not and cannot; she is out of her depth.  

I must see it. It sounds wonderful and includes Taki, whose magazine is my Bible

Hilarious take on making a movie - πρέπει να δείτε

debbie ross, speccie 'reviewer'
Deborah Ross ~ goodness, all this time I've been ranting and despising the pen-tied incompetent Ross for wasting space in The Spectator under its Cinema column, and I've never bothered to perve her.
deborah ross, 'cinema' reviewer
A bit of a looker. 

No wonder she's still droning on in the Speccie despite not a laudatory word from readers.

In typical foot-loose fashion, I've now continued this post elsewhere to make it more ross-centric.

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