22 November 2013


A mission at last! Let me devote a whole post to Toback and his intriguing-sounding movie. A subtitle could be 'tritely stalking Taki' but let's just see how it goes.  

While I'm about it, dont let me forget my earlier post about Seduced and Abandoned  and hey, let's use, a foto(s) of the alluring Debs Ross whose ghastly 'writing' posing as about 'Cinema' used to send me foaming at the mouth into the olive groves. 

She's sort of forgiven for being so sexy in some of her  pics (not the ones where she looks like a faded Kate Hudson, which is where she looks like she writes)

To be ungentlemanly in the extreme, here seems to be a link to some of her other writings

Gosh, I mean even I'd keep someone on the payroll with a mouth like that (even if she did write like Rossie). 

But ohh what a waste of space in the venerable Speccie.    

Wikynopsis of the movie

Taki in the Speccie

85% from Rotten Tomatoes; not bad

HBO Synopsi

Chewing the cud - Baldwin comes off friendly. Smashing shot of wife (29)

Woot! Ross even gets a mention from Taki  so I'd better slip it in. Wouldn't have thought she was his type, but they write for the same mag so fair's fair to lend a helping hand.  

Cocksuckers - good point Taki makes, springing to Al Baldwin's defence over his mild chiding of the vile lensman:  

"Anyway, why is it homophobic? And since when is it a gay slur? Some of the grandest ladies I’ve known have been extraordinary cocksuckers. The English aristocracy wouldn’t be what it is if it weren’t mostly made of cocksuckers."

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