28 November 2013


fragrant Denise Fergus,
Bulger mère

I'm only posting about Peaches because she carelessly blabbed on Twitter about the ghastly case of the abusèd babies.  

Twit Tweeterer Peaches Geldof
My real interest comes further down with the reference to the stout (but careless) yeoman who tweeted images 'purporting' to be Bulger-basher Jonny Venables and, poor chap, copped 14 months suspended for being caught. 

Denise crassly posed with
portrait of little Jimmy 

I pillory and lampoon the Nethren for failing to nail Brother Venal Balls and Robbie Thompson but there is a rather fierce ban on publishing anything that reveals the identity of the winsome duo and our Plodgate guardians may be fibbers and flounderers but even they can sit all day before a screen monitoring traffic on Bulger-gate. 

All the same, I wish some sleuth would get on with it and blow the cover on these two - I've written to Snowden begging a favour but he hasn't written back. 

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