19 November 2013

MAYOR ROB FORD ~ Alcoholic, Obfuscator


Have we all seen the appalling sight of Toronto mayor 'Rob' Ford fumbling and stumbling over his 'admission' of a cocaine stupor? 

As gross a sight as any of us can pray not to have to witness again.  

But the cloud has a silver lining because lucky viewers saw the stalwart Doctor Drew at his measured patient best. [Test all the excellent links on the Ford story]

There was an even better clip on  Anderson Cooper's show but it was no sooner up on You Tube than removed as  "no longer available because the YouTube account associated with this video has been closed." Too bad. 

I first heard Doc Drew in Seattle when he shared the radio show, Loveline, with the raspy-voiced Adam Carolla who provided an amusing foil to the calm Drew, altho' I sometimes wondered if the good doc didn't often grind his teeth at his uncouth but media-savvy buddy's antics.

Some more Loveline right here - gahd, I'd forgotten what a great show it was. Have another even nuttier clip. By the Lovelines of Loipon! We need a show like that right here in Corfu ~ I would be such a good unctuous host and I know exactly whom I'd recruit as 'Adam'. 

mayor rob ford, alcoholic obfuscator
OK, so no Drew pronouncing on Fatty Ford, but here's Jon Stewart with some rib-tickling clips incl a shot from the elusive crack-pipe video. Oh my ...

What an appalling creature Ford is, to be sure, and Pinsky nails it bang to rights that he desperately needs to ditch his denial of his alcoholism before it's too late. 

He won't, of course, and the cameras will be trained even more closely on his next few escapades.

Insane  Cracks in his story. Hilarious  ~ Young Turks' Cenk Uygur  on delightful form.

*Hitler learns of the 'crack tape' 

Ranting Robbo ~ and the rant

* That other rant ~ video - Ford faffing but still heading for Court. Ford has had it but he doesnt know it.

Cops and sobbers - A lot like the ongoing exposé and collapse of the British police, and their own lying denying.   

Blacks in Maine - Jon Stewart further demolition. We need him over in the UK to wreak final humiliation on the mendacious entrails of Plod Albion. Have you noticed how both Brit Filth and Mayor Ford share something else - both are indescribably ugly.  

North America's photogenic mayor

Blab blab - and then Rehab

Chris Farley tribute mayor: Rob Ford jokes

Role Model

Sheer stupidity

Oral Sex, Vulgar Overtures ~ Fat crass piggie-eyed Rob Ford writes his own story, a one-man Plebgate. Includes glimpse of his petite long-suffering wife - cue Fordian asides about crushing and crunching ... poor wretch. 

"One of the most stubborn, pig-headed people ... we have ever seen ... no self-awareness, no core of moral character."

REDUCED POWERS ~ I keep telling people that Podgy Ford is still waddling around in situ because he "has not yet been charged with any crime, though his close friend and driver is facing extortion charges related to his alleged attempts to obtain phone footage of Ford taking a hit from a crack pipe that was being shopped around to reporters earlier this year. 

Need conviction ~ Short of a criminal conviction, there is no legal authority that can force Ford from office, so his fellow lawmakers took the unprecedented step of removing the mayor's powers."

WEIRDEST MAYORALTY EVER - all you need to know.

Superb Double - I've forgotten what the obese original looks like. Rotund Robbie is finished now. 

Knocks over Councillor and then this mayhem (is his brother a twin? Looks like an exact double there)

The measured tones of Auntie Beeb, plus brother Doug pronounces.

“The crazy thing about alcoholism is it distorts your priorities so much that you’d rather die and lose your job and lose your family than contemplate stopping your relationship with this substance that you literally love.” - Doctor Drew

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