28 April 2006

Blogs 101

Feast to famine: from totally bloggy Bainbridge and all my ex-Amazon buds, to balmy ol' Gouvia where I've not seen TV since April 12 nor read a hard-copy newspaper (hence spared the sight of fatty Prescott cavorting in newsprint, ugh) ... and I've given up using weird vocab like "blog".

But we have just received broadband and the local Ote phone company is bombarding us with sales calls to upgrade from sleepy dial-up. Only problem is, I happen to know they've run out of some essential hardware so it ain't gonna happen for another 4 weeks anyway. Hey ho.

Anyway, at least I can now refer inquiring Corfiot pals to this page and the online Teleg's useful intro to the black art - and  amuse my more skilled and long-term readers with the right-hand column Blogroll of what's cool over in Blighty.