30 April 2006

Saturday Supper

Normally, Mum & I accept only *one* sumptuous meal invite a day: luncheon, followed by power siesta; or dinner, in which case we go into training and arrive with thirst and hunger unimpaired.

In this case, we'd accepted lunch with M&T (whose hospitality we never turn down, besides which M is tech savvy and always has some latest toy, plus he smokes so the first drink comes with baccy of the finest.)

Nor does one turn down lightly a chance to be seated at D&D's groaning table ....

More text anon, highlights of which will include:

  • Insiders' inside gossip over D&T lunch.
  • International gathering at D&D's capped by late entrance just as we sat to dine of "the children" including knee-tremblingly beautiful daughter Alethia and her handsome Kiwi swain, Marcus.
  • Excellent apres-dinner game of "Cranium" which our team - my hostess, Marcus and myself - won hands down.