20 April 2006

Honda Honda, go faster, faster ...

I miss my Binary buddy, last met in the Silverscreen emporium as he collected a French tutorial DVD to make himself even more cosmopolitan and suave.

One can never see this Honda commercial too often, and now I have a macho Greek readership, I need to show off how versatile is my blog.

In return, I'll hunt down some Greek adverts, tho' the ones I've seen to date seem rather steamy, all granite-jawed adonises with appallingly buff bods and burning-eyed ladies barely able to keep their hands to themselves.

Just when I think I'm watching a trailer for some X-rated movie, or rather daring adverts for posing briefs or latest brand of ribbed contraceptives, the model turns to camera and, with the lady barely containing herself from wrenching the clothes from his broad back, murmurs,

"When hygiene matters (and I know it does for me), I use Thracian Gust for those difficult kitchen surfaces."

His Gorgon-tressed lady friend holds up a can of the aforesaid cleaner, fondling it with suspiciously Lovelacey skill, and gasps what *sounds* like "Me too, oh my god, yes yes - me too ...."

Enough to banish all thoughts of housekeeping, I'd've thought, but I've never been terribly domesticated.

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