26 April 2006

Satirical London

I'm telling all Corfu ex-pat pals scurrying back to Blighty to be sure to check out the excellent Satirical London exhibition at the Museum of London.

I myself had a march on the πολλοι, thanks to friends in satirical high places.

No sooner off the sampan from Bathpont-on-Sound than my first pilgrimage was to the ancient Carlisle Street site of once-proud Snipcock & Tweed, publishers to the gentry and my genial paymasters during the height of my thrusting PR hackery.

Lost in reverie of expense-account frolics of yore, I realised I was outside the hallowed offices of none other than must-read Private Eye.

Inquiring within as to the health of one Tony Rushton Esq. (whom God preserve), I was waved towards the inner sanctum where Antonio R himself greeted me, straight-backed, clean-jawed, and in an impeccably white blouson.

Fie to his deadline: Tony was courtesy incarnate, listening to my dreariness of Microsoft and Amazon vestings and tipping me off on the satire exhibit.

Indeed, the Eye is well featured in the exhibition and fellow oldie fans of the Eye will enjoy the stroll down Memory Lane.

I'm just sorry my London stay wasn't longer: I traced Gabriel Snipcock to his Leicester Square garret and had meant to buy Tony a lunch over which to blurt out latest gossip on the old TiGeR.

No matter: I shall be PE's Corfu mole, feeding insider reports on everything from our dodgy property deals to the boudoir shenanigans oop t'north in Kensington-on-Kassiopi.

A propos of nowt, I'm fascinated to see how expertly PE has been wikipeded.