22 April 2006

fort parking at the port


Coffee in town.

Park car in the port.

The impenetrable fort that has seen off invaders of every hue has underground passages right into the centre of town.

Cigs and Reads: Catch up on papers and mags "from home" at the one shop in town that has *everything*

"Yassou, Costa! Got the latest Review in yet?"

"A little late this week, sir."

"'Pon my soul! What can  be going on over there?

I say, have the porter's boy deliver it to the chateau without delay ... and there's a drachma for his trouble."


Thence to my pale-shadow substitute for Starbucks.

serveuseThe most popular cafe in town, dammit, and the tourist season not yet started.

All their fault, hiring the hottest efficientest serveuses.

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