21 October 2006

Bees Knees

Spent an afternoon with a secretive sort of cove who *says* he's from the dark side but you never know these days ... and is this true?

Bees can be used to detect landmines?

Tests have been made using honey bees that had been attuned to the whiff of TNT and were attracted to high explosives as if they were flowers?

(At this point I can sense gentle readers booting off and wondering when *will* boy kick the sauce, like duude!)

Up to now it's been dogs to find unexploded ordnance, right? Slow and dangerous work for both chiens and their handlers.

But Mister Bee just flies across the mine field and hover around the naughty explosives sans risk of detonation and the swarm shows us where the stuff is. Brilliant.

Having trained the little darlings to trace improvised explosive devices, we then move on to methamphetamine labs, corpses and all sorts of other uses, maybe even oil, heh heh.

Oh and get this for a giggle: not only are the bees attracted to the landmines but they'll also *really* like buzzing round the guys who handled the explosives. When they go to land on their hands ... swat, shoo! STINNGG!! Woot!

Can this be true? He looked serious enough thru his RayBans.

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