02 October 2006


Look for flicks made in your area.

I look up WA's Bainbridge Island and it only gives Disclosure. Wasn't Davy Guterson's Snow Falling on Cedars also filmed a bit there?

And, what's with Officer and a Gemmun belonging to Bremerton? Every visit to Port Townsend had some grizzled local blaring on about the academy building on the hill.


Trivia princess said...

I'm embarassed that I even know this: At the start of "Officer" long-haired Richard Gere covers his tattoo with a bandage sitting next to his motorcycle on Hwy 3 between Gorst and B'ton, then present Mighty Mo floating in the background. I think the tiny cottage homes were in B'ton as well. But the rest was PT-ferry to factory.
"Snow" was filmed in Canada, but that storm scene could be Miller Rd. in a blizzard.
And just in case your garden visitors have not yet arrived, my apparently endless fund of useless details whispers "crocosmia" - larger autumn-blooming relative of the crocus,for your sunny flower.

Busker said...

Brilliant. I don't deserve attentive, knowledgeable readers like this. I'm humbled and I *should* be vowing to raise the standard of my twittering, but I just slog on with the same low-level blather.
Be proud that you can summon such arcane trivia at a snap of the keyboard. I stand - and am pleased to be - corrected.
Crocus: Despite a surly call to the organiser, against the background of driving rain, that it was lunacy to bring the biddies, she brooked no argument so I went off in a sulk (and the bucketing rain) to clear the drains and try to detour the flood that was surging down the drive. They came, the twittered, the slipped in the mud which they then carried into the front parlour where wine and nibbles were served by the 'organiser' which they made sure was liberally splashed around the valuable Chinese table cloth. They asked idiotic questions about the paintings and the books and the family heirlooms and drifted off down the corridors in search of the loo and, I'm sure, pocketable gew-gaws. All the while, I stood there in muddied BI ferry timetable t-shirt and mud-spattered knees and wet hair and a thoroughly bolshie expression. When they left in the char-a-banc, I hardly bothered to wave but shouldered my pick and shovel and walked back down to the drains from which I'd been so unnecessarily interrupted. I never got to show off my encyclopedic knowledge of the local plant life.

Elise said...

You keep rewarding us with hilarious word pictures like this one, we'll keep dredging our detail-laden brains for items of interest until the char-a-bancs wash out to sea.