10 October 2006

Trouble oop 't paper mill: Reuters editor Joe Maguire "no longer works" for the wire service after giving his boss a galley of his forthcoming book, Brainless: The Lies and Lunacy of Ann Coulter.

No one's actually admitting that he's been fired, but Reuters have confirmed that Maguire was granted conditional approval to write his book on the sizzling long-legged A.C.

In a risible biz-speke statement such as might be spouted by a Bainbridge Island city planner, Reuters tried to "explain" Maguire's booting by quoting their principles of "integrity, independence and freedom from bias."

Actually, it sounds *exactly* like a running dog yellow cur treehouse downing BI city planner ...

According to a fellow employee, when staffers were told JM was no longer employed, it was made clear they "weren't allowed to ask why."

Tsk - I could have told Maguire that it doesn't pay to mess with La Coulter. Not just a pretty face above distracting thighs; this tigress bites.

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