25 October 2006

Dumbest Generation

From the buzz about Mark Bauerlein's look at the soi-disant 'intellectual life' of our young, it sounds to be a gift for media coverage.

"The Dumbest Generation" carries an eye-snagging subtitle: "How the Digital Age Stupefies Young Americans and Jeopardizes Our Future".

Prof of English at Emory U, MB casts a spotlight on how the infantilization of our culture and the misplaced faith in the knowledge economy and its digital diversions are corroding young minds at a critical juncture.


zachworks said...

You can get an interesting view on Prof. Bauerlein's admiration for the canon in his article from the Weekly Standard.

As much as mushy-headed liberal arts students make me queesy, I don't know if I could hack it as one of the Spartan warrior-poets he seems to so admire at the Citadel. Some folks in the English dept. at my alma mater may have been a little too squishy for my tastes, but I'd hate to think of bayonet drill interfering with Friday afternoon beer call at the College Inn.

Busker said...

My heart always goes pitter-patter when I see a comment from El Zacho. He don't talk much, that vaquero, keeps his powder dry, but when he does, it makes sense.
"Spartan warrior-poet", indeed; love it. Was a buff fellah at Z's and my alma mater, went under nik of Water-borne Warrior; thought that rather cool, particularly as this chappie could well have been a cockleshell hero.
Bayonet drill messing with Fri pm beer call. Hmm, echoes of ZW's earlier reference to keeping shtum in the Nitelite when the beefy frat boys get rowdy.
I may switch the topic of my thesis from the diabolic intellect of Iago to "phallic beer motifs in the blog comments of the Hon. ZW". Crowded field, I know, but bags of excuse for field research.