11 October 2006


I always enjoy the quotes people run in their blogs - Binary is going thru a particularly good run these days.

Which has nothing to do with the fact that as I scoot round the island, I can't help being repelled by the sheer blubber on our visting tourists.

Of course, I too would be in that category were it not for the daily bending and hoeing in the garden, so I'd better watch what I say.

What Saint Gregory says is both thoughtful and graciously phrased:

"The Vice of Gluttony tempts us in five ways:

  1. Sometimes it forestalls the hour of need.
  2. Sometimes it seeks costly meats
  3. Sometimes it requires the food to be daintily cooked
  4. Sometimes it exceeds the measure of refreshment by taking too much
  5. Sometimes we sin by the very heat of an immoderate appetite."

I used to think that I had never seen such vastness of thigh and bum until I came to America. Britain is fast catching up if not overtaken its American cousins.

According to the ominous and depressing Bad Food Britain :

  • One in four British family homes doesn't even have a dining table
  • Three quarters of families eat together round the tele
  • Only a fifth of families eat together once a week.

    So saying, off I scurry for a slap-up brek at the Chandris Hotel of OJ, scrambled eggs and bacon, toast and marmalade, lashings of coffee - and best of all, an unhindered view across the table linen of the most beautiful girl in the world.

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