05 October 2006

Blog Power

I'm really really  pleased that dishy spunky Catherine Sanderson's Petite Anglaise has found a home between covers.

Her account of a single mum living and working in Paris has been scooped up:

  • Shrewd Julie Grau for Spiegel & Grau
  • Maya Mavjee at Doubleday Canuck
  • Zoe Pagnamenta at PFD New York
  • Brit readers will thank Katy Follain and my brief publicist home, Michael Joseph.
  • Rights to Goldmann in Germany
  • RCS in Italy
  • De Bezige Bij in Holland
  • Film  rights, by God, in the sweaty paws of PFD's Jago Irwin.

    By Hermes, hope for us all.

    When next I'm over to Londinium, I must try touting the dulcet Julie Leung's output. Might get her producing a bit more and relieve my cold turkey for her excellent writings.

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