25 October 2006

Veil-less in Gaza

(Or at least in the casbahs and sand dunes of sunny Yorkshire).

Full marks in my book for any nail fired broadside into the coffin of current drivel about 'multi-culturalism'.

Which is why I'm having such fun watching Britain's niqab knees-up over these faceless veils, not to mention stalwart House of Commons honcho, Jack Straw, going into cat/pigeon interface mode by asking niqab-toting women to uncover for better face-to-face interaction.

Not so much 'better' than plain damn'd polite, if you ask me.

When I converse with someone, I like to see the cut of their jib. Something suspect about a masked stranger.

For those who like their controversies convoluted and spiced with buzz words of the likes of 'integration' and 'tolerance', try this busy little piece from my former daily reading.

But beware: It contains brainy language and heavy theorising, such as that:

"Some Muslim women in the West may choose this garb (which is not mandated in the Koran), but their explanations often reveal an internalized misogynistic view of women as creatures whose very existence is a sexual provocation to men."

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