18 October 2006

Using the internet to self-medicate

Yep, that's me - I knew I'd be fingered.

Going out of one's way to hide internet activity? Totally me.

From a New Scientist  report:

  • "Nearly 14% of respondents said they found it difficult to stay away from the internet for several days
  • 12% admitted they often remain online longer than expected.
  • More than 8% said they hid internet use from family, friends and employers
  • Same percentage confessed to going online to flee from real-world problems.
  • Approx 6% also said their personal relationships had suffered as a result of excessive internet usage."
  • Temporarily Pleasurable: Comparison even drawn between my compulsive drive to check email, make blog entries, or visit websites to substance abuse – "an irresistible urge to perform a temporarily pleasurable act."

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