11 October 2006

pool equipment storage

Cry Reptile

As I've toiled in the grassier recesses of the garden, I have  been aware of a certain large and slithery presence.

But I am shouted down when I mention it and told that I don't get out of slave labour as easily as that.

(Also, I do rather have a tendency to imagine spooky jungle creatures - particularly after the third Glenlivet.)
vacuum pipeWell, my dears, imagine my surprise when I went to get the hose and cleaning equipment to give the pool a vacuuming, and there on the pump room roof is this gorgeous but ginormous sloughed skin just lying there next to the storage crate.

Yes, loves, very funny - I do see the blue python tucked away there - very drole. sloughed skin

I tell you, I reached over for the cleaning gear with a respectful delicacy and caution.

Almost enough to make me a dinky little handbag *and* have enough left over for that pair of scaley winklepickers I've been promising myself. skin with CDs

Another shot with CDs for size.

I can't *wait* to show it to the rest of them and watch them eat their words.

Now I'm definitely nervous about grubbing around in the shrubbery.

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